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Here are a few customer feedback reviews 2B Chili has so far!

"I like to be the judge on the level of spicy when it comes to preparing my chili; I like that I can do that with 2B Chili. Great taste, too - I highly recommend!"
K. Harris, Ruston, LA

"I will never eat chili the same way again! Chili is one of my favorite dishes to cook, not to mention the quickest, and 2B Chili is the way to go!"
C. Walker, West Monroe, LA

"Definitely the better bang for your buck. You get about 7 meals out of this entire bottle, not to mention, you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. I give it a thumbs up."
M. Carthright, Dallas, TX

"With a family of 7, chili is cooked more than it probably should be in my house! That being said, based on the amount of 2B Chili mix we have used so far, I estimate we will get 9 meals out of our 1 bottle -- NINE meals! Another up side is, my kids love it!"
L. Cox, Shreveport, LA

"My wife and I really like this chili. We cooked some the other night and had plenty left over for hot dogs the following day! We then visited our children and grandchildren the following Sunday and made 2B Chili again at their house. Even our grand kids liked it. Our grand daughter took some to school with her, and I shared packets of the mix with some of my friends."
T. Frische, Calhoun, LA

"I purchased some 2B Chili at the ‘Geeks on the River’ event in Monroe, LA, and it is amazing! I made mine with deer meat, and it was just so good! I can’t wait to purchase more - Very easy to make, perfect blend and excellent taste!"
R. Trevino, Houston, TX

"I have to admit, 2B Chili is better than any chili mix I have ever bought. I put my stamp on it!"
P. Wheelis, West Monroe, LA

"We bought this at the Downtown Monroe, LA River Market because the girl selling it was just so cute! I never expected to actually love it so much. It's the only thing we use, not just for chili but for other recipes, too. Better than anything on the store shelves. We have already used it all and are about to reorder more!"
K. Ambrose

"Wow!!! I got 2 large bottles, my family loved it so much I have ran out already! Gonna have to order by the case! Love the recipes and being able to make something we all enjoy!"
T. Jennings, Leesville, LA

"I had a taste at the Downtown Monroe, LA River Market and bought me some. I made some last night, and it was great! I will definitely be buying more soon!"
A. Caples, Jackson, MS

"Do you know how difficult it is to prepare a meal that 100% of the diners approve of? Yes, it is almost impossible! I prepared 10 lbs of chili using the 2B Chili mix during the great Monroe flood of 2016. There were 16 diners, aged 5-60; all with different palates and maximum levels of spice. All 16 diners gave rave reviews! The only thing left was a dirty pot and a few crackers. It is so easy to make and absolutely delicious!"
W. Stanfield, Monroe, LA

"Tastes great! Just the right amount of spices. Couldn't be easier to make!"
S. Owen, Monroe, LA

"I mixed a tad of 2B Chili mix in my Ranch dressing, and it puts a PHENOMINAL twist on ordinary Ranch dressing! I will never eat Ranch dressing the same again!"
P. Cooley, Bossier City, LA

"I am incredibly picky when it comes to my chili. I gave 2B Chili a chance at the ‘Geeks Along the River’ event in Monroe, LA and WOW!! It is amazing!! I love it!! And I love that it is a local business. Buy local!"
L. Davis, West Monroe, LA

"I made my first batch Saturday night! The season was spot on. Very simple directions and super easy to make. I am known for cooking quick meals, and this fits me to a tee! One of the best things I can say, is it did not give me heartburn!!!"
L. Tullos, West Monroe, LA

"I bought some 2B Chili at Big Creek trade days in Dubach, LA. Once I tried the sample, I was absolutely amazed! I couldn't get ENOUGH of it! It was soooo good! So for Christmas this year, we cooked gumbo, and I made chili. I didn't tell anyone how I made it, but everyone LOVED IT! They said it was the best chili they had ever eaten! The spice was just right, and it was not powdery or chalky like other chili they had eaten!! Your product is amazing!!"
L. Cobb, Ruston, LA

"Best chili ever! So easy, and it didn't give me heartburn. I live in Mississippi, but my family lives in West Monroe, LA. I will definitely get some more when I get back to Louisiana!"
P. Scroggins, Starkville, MS

"I tried this at Mac's Fresh Market in Columbia, LA, and it was awesome! Definitely going to recommend it to my friends and family!!!!! Even going to advertise it on my Parkers Produce Facebook page!!!! Thanks, 2B Chili!"
W. Parker, Grayson, LA